ChromaLuxe Metal Photo Panels

ChromaLuxe Metal Photo Panels From Eight Squared Printing in Kansas City

ChromaLuxe offers superior printing products, and Eight Squared is proud to offer these aluminum prints. Through the process of sublimation, dye is transferred and infused into metal sheets, for the longest-lasting photographs out there. If you want memories to last for generations, ChromaLuxe printing panels are for you.

Eight Squared Printing is a printer of fine art using various mediums. Photos on metal have many benefits. The long-lasting quality of metal means that your photos or artwork won’t fade over time and can’t be easily destroyed. Metal prints may be the answer you have been looking for. Wall decor that lasts can adorn your home, or give them as gifts so memories won’t fade.

Metal Prints vs. Standard Photo Prints or Art Prints

Framed Metal Print

Dye sublimation infuses color with metal, a process that gives you a high-definition photo print that won’t change colors or fade over time. Metal prints are also scratch resistant, durable, and lightweight. With standard photo and art prints, your images can be scratched if not taken care of. Paper prints can be damaged easily with water, sunlight, spills, or rough handling.

ChromaLuxe high-definition metal prints are superior to standard photographic prints in a number of ways. Here are a few more reasons you may want to consider metal prints rather than standard photo prints:

Benefits of Metal Prints

  • Metal prints provide the ultimate image clarity.
  • They have an archival quality due to their long-lasting nature.
  • Metal photos offer permanent protection and preservation of your important memories or artwork.
  • ChromaLuxe panels give a high-end touch to your home.
  • Metal panels are chemical resistant and damage resistant.
  • ChromaLuxe prints are the perfect choice if you want your photos or artwork to last a lifetime.
  • Their superior durability gives you priceless peace of mind.
  • Metal prints are an ideal choice for commercial interiors where people are constantly coming and going, bumping into walls.
  • These panels minimize the expense of purchasing new artwork.

Uses for Metal Prints

Metal Prints

ChromaLuxe prints are great for home decorations as well as preserving your most precious memories. Metal prints can also be used at businesses to display important employee information. Companies need to showcase rules, codes, and other vital information, and metal prints can be a great way to do that.

Retail stores can use metal panels for decoration or for signage. Metal prints can let customers know what to do or provide directions for obtaining services at the store. ChromaLuxe prints can be used to hang over store aisles telling customers what products are available. The uses for metal prints are practically endless.

Turn Your Memories into Long-Lasting Sublimatable Photo Panels

Paper prints are great for projects you don’t need to last forever. If you are printing something for a temporary purpose, then regular prints are fine. But metal prints have many great advantages over standard printing methods, depending on your needs. 

Are you ready to turn your photos or art into metal panels that can’t be easily damaged? People choose ChromaLuxe metal prints for a lot of reasons, but the quality of these panels can’t be overstated. Printing images using the dye sublimation process gives you professional quality images, vibrant color, exceptional detail, abrasion resistance, and longevity that is well worth the price.  

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