Signage Design Isn’t the Half of It- Eight Squared Services

We aren’t just a print shop that will take your digital file and print it (although we can be just a print shop that will take your digital file and print it, if that’s all you want), at Eight Squared Printing we build relationships and reputations through a holistic approach to your visual marketing needs. From concept to installation, our Kansas City custom printing team has got the experience and tools to bring your vision to life in ways you may not have even imagined possible. We have a tried and true process that incorporates everything from design to implementation.

Project Management Services

When you come to Eight Squared Printing, you can trust our Kansas City custom printing project management team to take care of the fine details of your office art design or marketing materials, so you can kick back and relax while knowing you’re going to get a top quality product from beginning to end.

Sign Installation and Custom Art

Make your business lobby look like a modern art museum, or just have it decked out with whatever cool design you want fabricated from metal, acrylic, glass, or that beloved classic – printed paper. Our Kansas City office art design team can make the design, print or fabricate it however you want it, so why wouldn’t we follow through to the installation of the pieces in your workspace? When we say we’ll take care of the details, we really mean it.


We may be based in Kansas City, but that doesn’t mean our products have to stay here. The benefit of being centrally based is we can coordinate shipping all over the country with a pretty quick delivery time. Dealing with shipping your materials around can be a huge hassle, so why do it yourself when we can do it for you?

Creative Services

If you aren’t sure what design best represents your business and the story you want to tell, we have the creative thinkers who can turn your 3 a.m. dream scribble into jaw dropping design that will set your business apart from the competition. As famous smart dude Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” and we have some seriously smart cookies working in our customer-focused team.

Graphic Design

It only takes a quick Google search to find about a billion articles talking about how important graphic design is, but all you really need in order to realize its importance is thinking about your own experiences. If you’re shopping for a new product, whether online or in a store, your eyes automatically go toward the items with good design. When a company invests in good design you are more likely to trust that they invest in their product and services as well. Some good design is utterly timeless – think Coca-Cola, who has had the same script as their font of choice since the late 1800’s. Other good design changes regularly to keep up with trends – think pretty much anyone except for Coca-Cola. Whatever story you’re trying to tell, our creative minds can come up with the design to match it.

Learn how our Kansas City custom printing team can help you with your office art design, marketing materials, and more by contacting us today!