Sales Materials

Brochure Printing, Menu Printing, Newsletters and More

Sales is a pretty dang essential part of doing business, whether you’re selling your goods or your services. Without sales, it’s hard to have the capital you need to keep your business running. Having the right kind of sales materials ensures you have an easier avenue toward making those conversions. At Eight Squared Printing our Kansas City brochure design and menu and newsletter printing team will work hard to make sure you can get the cutting edge, innovative materials your business needs for success without blowing your budget.

Brochure Printing

Brochures are how you let customers know about your company’s goods and services. It’s a good way to provide more detailed information, even if all you’re able to do is drop them off or leave them in someone’s hands at a trade show. Brochures can be used for a variety of visual communication goals as well, whether it’s for sales or as a map or other guide. They’re efficient and convenient, and as with everything else – the Kansas City brochure design team will make them look good.

Fundraising Forms

Why use some random template online for your fundraising forms when Eight Squared Printing will work within your budget to get you something that’s professionally printed and custom designed just for you? We know everything a good fundraising form should have and can print at a higher capacity and quality than your office printer.

Fundraiser Front- Products


A good menu is one important aspect of your first impression. A menu is most often associated with restaurants (for good reason, of course) and while it may seem like a straightforward list of food items, there are a lot of aspects that are put into the good design of a restaurant menu that will entice your customers. Do you want a menu for your products or services that aren’t for a restaurant? We can do that, too!

Newsletter Printing

Newsletters are a good way to keep in touch with customers on a quarterly or even monthly basis (or honestly as often as you want, though probably no one wants a daily newsletter). This lets you keep everyone up to date on anything going on with your business and is a more personal touch than some other sales tactics.

Sales Books

If you want a truly attractive way of showing your customers exactly what you do, a professionally printed sales book is the answer. It’s one thing to say “we do landscaping,” and it’s an entirely different thing to be able to showcase the fruits of your labor in a sales book printed by Eight Squared Printing. Whatever services you’re wanting to showcase, a sales book is a great option and our team can help you determine the best approach to one.

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