Poster Printing in Kansas City

I bet you’ve thought once or twice, “This sure would look good on a poster.” Sometimes, you just want to blow something up and share it with the world. Whether it’s a picture of Fluffy or a quote that makes your heart soar, we can help you resize that something special.

Eight Squared Printing has the ability to meet your printing needs. We have the tools required to handle custom poster printing of various sizes, such as common sizes 16 x 20 or 24 x 36. We also perform a2 printing and a0 printing, which are frequently requested sizes for large poster printing.

We can even print poster banners for birthday parties, graduations, festivals, or any event you can think of. We can also do canvas posters, fabric posters, and vinyl posters. We are your poster paradise.

Different Ways Posters Can Be Useful

Posters are more useful than many people realize. You can use them at work for a special project. Your children can use them for a presentation at school. Fabric, vinyl, and canvas posters can last a lifetime, which means you have a piece of art that can tell your story no matter where you hang it.

Here are a few more ways posters can be helpful in your life:

Large Posters

Large poster printing of artworks and framed posters, including famous art, can allow anyone to decorate their home with style.


Advertisers of all stripes use posters and other printed materials to sell their products and services.

Music Posters

Musicians use posters to advertise their concerts.

Affordable Information Sharing

Cheap poster printing can be used to announce special events in a cost-effective way. These posters can be displayed throughout town.

Teaching Tools

Posters can be used in the classroom to help kids understand key concepts, such as the alphabet or important science tables.

Birthday Party Banners

Posters can be turned into banners for birthdays and special events. These banners are eye-catching and can increase the festive atmosphere. 

Office Wall Art

Different Types of Poster Printing Services We Offer

Need some help with a poster project? Here are some of the services that Eight Squared Printing in Kansas City offers our customers:

Custom Poster Printing

When you are in need of poster printing services, you are probably looking for custom printed posters. For instance, you may need a poster printed for your business’s marketing efforts. Maybe you need a poster for your child’s birthday party. We can set you up with custom poster printing. We can turn photos, drawings, marketing ideas, or other graphics or images into full size posters.
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Poster Design

You may have an idea for what your poster should look like, but maybe you need a little help with the design. We are willing to discuss your ideas and help you bring those ideas to life. We have graphic designers who know how to implement creative ideas and format them on a large poster.

You send in the art or messaging you want on your poster, and we can help you format it. We can tell you the range of poster sizes you can choose from, and we can get your poster from concept through production.

Large Scale Project Management

Some people have large projects or ongoing projects, and this may require a little extra attention. Eight Squared Printing can work with those in need of extra help or special services. For instance, if you need bulk orders of posters or posters printed on a regular basis, we can meet your needs.

Call (816) 610-1399 to reach Eight Squared in Kansas City, the best choice for your poster printing needs.

Get in Touch With Eight Squared Printing for All Your Poster Printing Needs

Posters can perform a wide variety of functions for people of all different backgrounds, such as marketing, art, preservation of memories, and education. From personal use to professional purposes, posters can go to work for you. When you need posters printed, go to the professional printing team at Eight Squared Printing in Kansas City.