Business Cards

First Impressions That Make a Lasting Impression

When you’re meeting with a potential client, you want to ensure that your first impression is one that lasts. Business cards allow you to carry a piece of your brand with you wherever you go, so when the opportunity arises, you can give them something to remember you by. With eye-catching custom design, clear information, and high-quality materials, Kansas City business card design from Eight Squared might as well be pocket-sized confidence. 

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Professional or Personal, We Create Business Cards to Meet Every Need

The area is brimming with talent and innovation—but a boring and unprofessional business card is no way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Whether you’re looking for professional business cards to distribute amongst your sales team or you’re a freelance photographer who knows it’s time to invest in advertising your personal brand, we’re here to help you stand out.

Business man giving business card to business woman with coffee

What Does It Take to Make a Lasting Impression?

In the world of business cards, making a lasting impression means offering something that’s both clear and visually-persuading. Your card should present your brand and business in a way that’s attractive and unambiguous so your potential client or business partner is confident when it comes time to followup. At Eight Squared, we are passionate about helping freelancers and big businesses alike create custom business cards that are sure to make your transactions memorable. 

Gold Foil Business Cards

Eye-Catching Design

Gone are the days of monotony in business card design—our designers are here to help you bring your brand to life. Whether you’re going for something clean and classic or crazy unique, you can choose from the following elements to craft a Kansas City business card design that’s eye-catching and true to your brand: ink, coating, material, shape, size, and color. 

High-Quality Materials

From durable plastic to hard-to-misplace magnetic strips, there are dozens of card materials to choose from when designing a business card with Eight Squared—and none of them are torn pieces of napkin with hastily sketched ink. With so many options, you have the freedom to create a card that’s functional, unconventional, or classic.

Custom Printed Square Business Cards

Clearly-Presented Information

At the end of the day, the most important element to any business card is clearly-presented information. All the right details—from name to phone number to email—should be front and center. We ensure that your personal or business card never sacrifices clarity and presents your contact information in a way that’s professional and accessible. 

Kansas City Business Card Design and Printing

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