Marketing Materials

Business Cards and Marketing Materials from the Sultans of Signage

Sure, you can use a Microsoft Word template to print out some business cards on your own, but why would you choose a basic cookie cutter option when your business is so far from basic? Step it up with our Kansas City customized marketing materials, including business cards, mailers, posters and brochures that will bring a stylish and cohesive look, amping up your professionalism while remaining cool and contemporary. Get window clings, custom banners, catalog printing, standout signage and more branding that will set you apart from the competition in a big way.

Tell Them Who You Are

Good design stands out. Think about your last trip to the store, your eyes are automatically drawn to the items on the shelves that have something awesome about their design. Sometimes it’s a simple and modern design incorporating strong sans serif fonts and nothing but black and white. Sometimes it’s a whimsical script in gold on a saturated plum-colored background. Whatever it is, people tend to know good design when they see it and when you can utilize your design to garner an emotional response from someone, you’re more likely to convert that person into a customer. At Eight Squared Printing, our Kansas City marketing material team will set you up with mailers, business cards, posters, brochures, and materials for trade shows that are designed to convert. Grab their attention first with our quality marketing.

Business Cards

A good business card has been the staple of professionals pretty much forever. Even in today’s digital world, a business card remains an important way to quickly get your information into the hands of a customer or potential customer.

Custom Gold Printed Business Cards

Custom Cards

There are a variety of custom cards you can utilize to market your business. From holiday cards reminding customers you’re there to a neat postcard to mail out – we can do it. Whatever type of custom card you think will suit your marketing materials best, Eight Squared Printing can make them eye catching. Our Kansas City marketing material team can do 2-sided cards, accordion cards, gift cards, designer cards, foil-pressed cards, folded cards, mini cards, sideshow cards, tri-fold cards, bookmarks – more types of cards than you probably even knew existed.

Custom Printed Square Business Cards

Catalog Printing

If you want an efficient and attractive way of putting your products in front of your targeted audience, welcome to the world of catalog printing. Catalogs have a high retention rate because people tend to keep them around. We use high quality paper and have a fine-tuned operation to make sure your catalog looks completely professional.

Brochure Design


Believe it or not, offline marketing still works. Mailers are a great way to connect with customers – and you would be surprised at the return on investment you get with them. Mailers are more likely to get read than emails your customer might see as spam, so you’re more likely to convert. We can do a variety of mailers to fit your budget and style.

Custom Marketing Mailers


Posters are a fun marketing material that give you a lot of flexibility. We can print posters of different sizes and with different types of paper, depending on your preferences.

Custom Poster Design

Window Clings and Floor Adhesives

Window clings are an easy way to showcase what your business is and have a little fun while you’re doing it. We can customize your window cling to whatever specifications you want and will install it to make sure it looks perfect. Floor adhesives bring the same benefit – large, personalized design that’s impossible to not notice. And you guessed it, we do them both.

window banner signs