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If you’ve ever walked into a business and thought “Dang! I wish my business looked this good!” then you’ve come to the right place. There really is not enough that can be said about the importance of good creative design, whether it is your wall decor, your sales materials, or your signage design. People take notice of good design even when they aren’t trained in it – good design catches your eye and creates an emotional response. Companies spend a huge chunk of their budgets investing in good design, whether it’s business sign design or their packaging. When you partner with our Kansas City graphic design and custom creative services team, we make sure you don’t have to spend your whole operating budget to get quality results.

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Graphic Design

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter design and say hello to Eight Squared Printing. Our Kansas City graphic design geniuses work with you to make sure your design is exactly the way you’ve envisioned it. We all know when we leave things to ourselves that the expectation can vary wildly from reality – what’s in your mind as a beautiful portrait can come out on paper looking like a restoration gone terribly, terribly wrong. Sure, anyone can pick up a paint brush or some design software, but when it comes to telling the story of your business in a way that visually communicates the exact tone and feelings you want, you don’t want to leave it to just anyone. So leave it to us.

What makes good graphic design?

Not every artist is a graphic designer, but all graphic designers are artists. The elements that make for good graphic design are the very same elements that attract us to good art and the point of graphic design is the same as the point of art – to communicate a message and evoke an emotional response. Good graphic design incorporates lines, shapes, colors, texture, size, space, and value.

  • The most basic element of any design is the line. Lines vary in weight, character, and direction in ways that convey very different types of messages
  • Shapes are created when lines enclose an area. They can be angular, curved, or something in between, and each shape communicates something
  • Color is an effective way to represent the mood of your design. It is a versatile piece of design that can also evoke interesting reactions, like the fact that seeing the color red can make you hungry (download a few restaurant or food delivery apps on your phone and take a gander at what color you see the most of)
  • Value is the degree of lightness or darkness of the colors in a design, a gradient is a good example of the various values you can achieve
  • Texture is not always thought of as a visual item, but it is used often in design to add emphasis or realism to a piece 

There are a ton of other important things our Kansas City graphic designers and custom creative services team takes into consideration when creating the graphic design for your business’ visual communication, all of them centered around conveying your unique story.

8 Squared Creative Staff