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Art Prints and Art Printing Services in Kansas City

Whether you’re looking for a way to display your latest masterpiece or you’re wanting custom art prints to decorate the office, 8 Squared has the art printing services you need to bring your vision to life. We carry a wide range of print materials, including imaged glass, metal artwork, and acrylic wall decor, ensuring your personal or commercial art prints perfectly complement your aesthetic. Ready to get started? Call 8 Squared today to get started!

Say Goodbye to Boring With Custom Art Prints from 8 Squared

Custom Wall DecorWhether you’re going for cozy and inviting or sleek and high-tech, the designers at 8 Squared are here to help you curate a distinct style that’s unique to your commercial space. With custom art at your fingertips, you won’t have to settle for boring department store art any longer! Our art printing services are ideal for businesses looking to step outside the box with their interior design, or for property owners who want to help their office standout with custom signage. We can even help independent artists get their magnificent work on canvas with our custom canvas prints. Whatever your art print needs may be—we’ve got you covered. 

Here are a few of the art printing services we offer: 

Acrylic Wall Decor

Acrylic wall decor and canvas prints provide both sharp graphics and rich color, perfect for bringing a striking image to life or for printing a beautiful digital illustration. With canvas photo prints and wall art, there’s also no need to worry about getting your piece framed. They’re perfect for decoration or for displaying a commercial graphic or logo.

Custom Door Signs

Business Door Signage Custom door signs are a unique and convenient way to help your customers know they’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a print of your commercial logo for your front door, or you’re looking for lettering to help direct guests within your building, we can help.

Imaged Glass

Custom Door DesignsAdd flair and privacy to transparent walls and doors with imaged glass! From informational graphics to beautiful artwork, imaged glass is a unique way to bring your brand to life in your commercial space.

Wall Graphics

Much like imaged glass, wall graphics can help liven up a dull wall in your commercial space. From floor-to-ceiling artwork to establishing your brand with bold statements, wall graphics are the perfect way to bring a pop of color, a touch of personality, or a motivational statement to your office space.

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