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At Eight Squared Printing, we are so much more than just a printing company. We are committed to being the leader in visual communication by focusing on making our business clients look amazing while telling their story in a way that is clear and engaging. If you’re searching “printing companies near me” we hope to prove why it’s important to think outside of the box and choose the company that’s going to prioritize communicating the message you want your customers to get.

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Why does visual communication matter?

Visual communication means passing information through the use of images, signs, posters, and other visuals. This type of communication is important because the human brain processes things in images. When you think “red” you’re not going to envision that word written in text, you’re going to see “red” as an image in your mind’s eye. In the same way that your brain processes in images, it is able to respond to images more quickly (about 60,000 times faster than text, actually) and effectively. In fact, about 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Using good visuals produces better and stronger reactions from your target audience.

Eight Squared is a “can do” shop that takes on even the steepest challenge. We have the best team needed to make you look your best.

Try to break us…we bet you can’t!

Project Management


Employee 8

Make stuff happen. Dave is a powerhouse of get ‘er done. He will work with you to create the product of your dreams. Speaking of dreams, he dreams big. Get used to it!



Employee 7

Anne can take your rough idea and polish it up faster than you can say “go!” Her patience, understanding and serious style makes us all look good! If you dream it, she can design it.



Employee 5

This lean machine has enough energy to take your order and fry it up in a pan! Fast walking Lee Gabbert knows his stuff. Ask him anything. He probably knows the answer.